Steppin is a dance of unity and positive atmosphere, currently enjoyed by people from all walks of society. It is an African American dance similar to Ball Room Dancing with the differences being the basic count, music, and attire. It’s history dates as far back in Chicago’s African American Communities, as does the Blues, Jazz and R&B sounds. Steppin is a derivative of The Ring-Shout, The Cakewalk, The Jitterbug, The Swing, The Off time, The Bop, and The New Bop, and is often referred to as Hand Dancing, Balling and The Swing in other places outside Chicago. It consists of partners dancing in synchronization to a 6 or 8 count beat to the smooth sounds of Jazz, Soul, Funk, R&B, Neo Soul, or Rap music with attire consisting of a form of ragtime, black tie, and modern fashion designs twisted into a unique style of contemporary designs better known as “Steppers Sharp,” which is very popular in Chicago’s African American Communities


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